H A R R Y  G R I S W O L D: Poet, Photographer, and Author of Two Poetry Books


The following photographs appear on various pages of this website. Numbers have been assigned by the webmaster primarily for the sake of convenience. Black-and-white versions of fourteen of these images (numbered 1–14 here) are published in Harry’s second book, Just Enough Clothes.

All photographs of Harry are copyrighted © 2007–2014 by Stephanie Webber (with the exception of the oboe shot, whose photographer is unknown).

All other photographs are copyrighted © 2007–2014 by Harry Griswold.

Photo of Three Rocks and a Cloud, by Harry Griswold Photo of Statue at Milton Abbey Church, by Harry Griswold Photo of Statue at Queluz National Palace, by Harry Griswold Photo of Horses with bells and blinders, by Harry Griswold
#1: Three rocks and a cloud, overlook in Idyllwild, CA #2: Statue, Milton Abbey Church, Milton Abbas, England #3: Statue, Queluz National Palace, Queluz, Portugal #4: Horses with Bells, on the job at Óbidoz, Portugal
Photo of White Cottage Window, by Harry Griswold Photo of Cricket Player Weathervane, by Harry Griswold Photo of Window at Church of St. Dubricius, by Harry Griswold Photo of carved Corbel Head, by Harry Griswold
#5: Open window and bare tree at cottage in Porlock, England #6: Weathervane atop cricket pavilion, Spetisbury, England #7: Leaded window in stone wall, Church of St. Dubricius in Porlock, England #8: Carved corbel head on wall at St. Leonard Church, Bledington, England
Photo of Gravestones with Lichen, by Harry Griswold Photo of Face on Water Fountain, by Harry Griswold Photo of Door with Three Locks, by Harry Griswold Photo of Abstract Window, by Harry Griswold
#9: Gravestones with lichen at All Saints Church, Selworthy, England #10: Face on water fountain in shop, village of Dunster, England #11: Woman and shadow passing door with three locks, Antigua, Guatemala #12: Window abstract, reflection in office-building windows, San Diego, CA
Photo of Salisbury Cathedral Nave, by Harry Griswold Photo of Lighthouse and Stephanie Webber, by Harry Griswold Photo of Shorebirds on the Beach at Del Mar, by Harry Griswold Cover photo of Just Enough Clothes, by Harry Griswold
#13: Interior of Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England #14: Lighthouse (with figure of Stephanie Webber), Brixham Breakwater Light, Brixham, England #15: Shorebirds on the beach, Del Mar, CA #16: Front cover of Harry’s second book, a collection of poems and photographs
Photo of Waterbirds at Mission Bay, by Harry Griswold Cover photo of Camera Obscura, by Harry Griswold Photo of Stop Light and Church in Santa Fe, by Harry Griswold Photo of Anemone in Backyard, by Harry Griswold
#17: Waterbirds at Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
(11 Feb 2004)
#18: Front cover of Harry’s first book, with window in Santa Fe, New Mexico
(24 Oct 2002)
#19: Stop light in front of church, Santa Fe, NM
(24 Oct 2002)
#20: Lone anemone in backyard, San Diego, CA
(6 Feb 2014)
Photo of Window of House in Bilbury, by Harry Griswold Photo of Eagle, by Harry Griswold Photo of Pigeons, by Harry Griswold
Photo of Statue with Arm over Head, by Harry Griswold
Photo of White Wildflower in San Diego canyon, by Harry Griswold
#21: Window in house, Bilbury, England
(23 Jun 2003)
#22: Eagle in England
(6 Apr 2011)
#23: Pigeons in England
(8 Apr 2011)
#24: Statue with arm over head, England (3 Apr 2013); #25: Canyon wildflower, San Diego (24 May 2001)
Photo of Steel and Glass Building, by Harry Griswold Photo of Mural of Stick Figures, by Harry Griswold Self-Portrait, Trapped Within Trapezium, by Harry Griswold Portrait of Harry Griswold, second grade, 1949
#26: Steel & Glass Geometric, shot by looking up exposed structure of office building corner, San Diego
(8 Feb 2002)
#27: Stick figures on a wall, England (24 Mar 2014) #28: Trapped Within a Trapezium, self-portrait, Balboa Park in San Diego
(31 Jan 2007)
#29: Second-grade portrait of Harry Griswold, 1949
Photo of Harry Griswold playing the oboe, by anonymous Photo of Harry Griswold with seaport in background, by Stephanie Webber Photo of Harry Griswold in sunglasses and summer hat, by Stephanie Webber Portrait of Harry Griswold, by Stephanie Webber
#30: Harry playing the oboe, San Diego (1 Jun 2005) #31: Harry and camera, with seaport in background, Portugal (17 Jun 2013) #32: Harry wearing sunglasses in Webster, New York (29 Jun 2010) #33: Portrait of the poet by Stephanie Webber
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